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Committee to Stop FBI Repression in Tampa wants end to mosque spying listen

01/23/15 Seán Kinane
News @ Noon Friday

Tags: FBI, Tampa, islam, Muslims, mosques, surveillance, spying, Committee to Stop FBI Repression


Some activists in Tampa are calling attention to FBI agents recruiting Muslims to spy inside their own mosques.

To find out more about their campaign, Friday morning I interviewed a brother-sister pair. Homam Zituni and Danya Zituni are both members of Stop FBI Repression, Tampa.

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The secret world of drones: how pilots learn to fly them listen

07/17/14 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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Tags: drones, UAV, unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance, military


Whether they’re used for dropping bombs, spying on suspected criminals or deliver packages, drones are a controversial topic. So, who flies them? Mike Sobkowski is the director of training and simulation for Corsair engineering. He says just about anyone can learn and a growing number of universities are offering classes. Sobkowski gave WMNF a behind-the-scenes look at the secret world of flying drones.

“What’s lift? What’s drag? What’s weight? What’s thrust? And then from there, to tea...

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Civil Liberties Under Fire listen

05/07/14 Warren Elly & Mike Pheneger
Last Call Wednesday
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Tags: Mike Pheneger, Edward Snowden, NSA, surveillance

Today on Last Call Warren Elly speaks to guest Mike Pheneger about Surveillance and other challenges to our liberty. Pheneger is the president of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida and he spent 30 years as a US Army Intelligence officer.

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St. Pete conservative activist wants city to limit surveillance drones listen

02/08/13 Janelle Irwin
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday
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A conservative St. Petersburg activist and blogger wants the city to ban the use of drones except in certain situations. David McKalip, a St. Pete neurosurgeon wants to limit the use of surveillance drones.

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Tampa City Council to workshop pros and cons of Republican convention surveillance cameras in August 2013 listen

12/06/12 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday
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Thursday Tampa City Council approved changes to an ordinance reinforcing that it would be a crime for Tampa Police to use surveillance cameras purchased for the Republican convention for unauthorized peeping on residents inside their homes. But they put off a decision about whether the cameras will be a permanent part of the city’s landscape. There’s been ongoing friction between council and the mayor’s administration about who has the authority to authorize deployment of the cameras. T...

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Peace Activist Medea Benjamin on Drone Warfare

08/20/12 Robert Lorei
Radioactivity: Live Call-In (Monday)
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Good morning, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up on the first part of today’s program we’ll talk with Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink and author of the new book DRONE WARFARE.

But first three listener comments about last Friday’s program. Most of the comments were about the open phone segment on which our listeners wanted to discuss the upcoming presidential election.


Our guest today is Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Codepink (the ...

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New app shows you where Tampa's surveillance cameras are during Republican convention

08/15/12 Seán Kinane
Last Call Wednesday
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In less than two weeks the Republican National Convention kicks off in Tampa, and Big Brother will be watching.

Today on Last Call we talked with Jon Gales about the new closed-circuit surveillance cameras installed in Tampa for the convention. He has a new website called It has a map of the location of dozens of the cameras.

We talked about why they are there and whether they might come down after the convention.

I invited the Tampa Police Departmen...


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