Psycho Realms

Every Sunday Night/Monday Morning from 1 to 4 AM join your guide Elder Sign, as you explore ‘The Psycho Realms’. Along with Florida Bass Legend, Unkempt Andy's All-Metal-Hour, enjoy the best in brutality from old to new, with music from local, national and international talent, kept in a commercial-free, epic, freestyle format.

In addition to weekly in-studio guests, band interviews, weather, traffic, and live call-ins, other show special features include: The Mother of Metal, Dj Arth Mawr, Death Metal Dave, Ron Jeremy Jr., and New Outreach Rep. Dj Ronstopable.

Have a request for loud rock, punk, or metal? Call WMNF's studio line (813) 239-9663 or email / or if you like what you hear, please leave something in our tip jar on this page. Any and All donations are desperately needed, greatly appreciated, and help keep WMNF & Tampa Metal ON-THE-AIR.

  • Host : , DJ Arth Mawr
  • Broadcast channel: Monday, 1:00AM - 4:00AM


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DJ Arth Mawr

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