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Mabili off the air due to hardship

Mabili Ogun about over 5 years ago

It made my heart heavy to tell listeners I could not continue as host of Critical Times. Quite simply, I am bankrupt and cannot afford to volunteer at WMNF any longer. I will rebuild and I will resurface again. Until such time I must say goodbye to the 'MNF family and listeners.

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A Sad Day

I am genuinely disheartened to read this news. I do understand the times have affected many people seriously and it seems to be getting worse everyday, despite what most media states. I do hope you can recover and come back to us in the most powerful way you always have, Mabili! We have all lost today. Still, somehow, I know you will return to WMNF.

Where is your last show in the archives?

Mabili: I have been trying to two days to access your show from Sunday, September 6, 2009 through the archives. Does anyone at WMNF know what happened to it?

Good luck to you Mabili. I will miss your program and insightful commentary while you are on (hopefully a short) hiatius.

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First of all, here's hoping that things turn around for you soon, Mabili. Unfortunately, our automatic archiver machine froze sometime between 8-9am on Sunday, so we don't have an archive of the show. We're working on a better and more robust solution for getting archives up; apologies for the inconvenience. -- matt the web guy

Mabili, I have every confidence that your situation will improve and I admire you for persevering through these tough times. You will be missed and welcomed back with open arms (ears!).

Mabili, I have every confidence that your situation will improve and I admire you for persevering through these tough times. You will be missed and welcomed back with open arms (ears!).

Volunteer Programmer

Mabili, I know exactly what you are saying. I have trouble finding the gas money to come in and do my show. I don't even have the money to renew my WMNF membership. It is a crying shame that there is no way that WMNF can support great programmers like yourself but the charitable status of the station means we cannot profit directly from our labors on behalf of the station even though we produce the programming, raise the funds, recruit new listeners etc etc. I would give it up but it's the only thing that keeps me balanced on the teetering edge of sanity right now! It is a crime that someone as talented as you cannot find a way to keep body and soul together and your powerful voice on the air. In my opinion you are one of the best programmers on WMNF and it is a great loss to the station. Keep the faith! The revolution will not be broadcast, even on community radio! Tim

I hoped perhaps the above would be an apology from Mabili O, after the rant he left his listeners with when he signed off last Sunday. Everyone's fault but his.

Saul, I apologize. For the record, I am not faulting anybody. I stated the facts of my life and I'm moving on.

thanks to all for showing your love. I'll always cherish my experience here.

Mabili, I understand. That you were able to go week after week and do what you did is a miracle. I know I would not be able to have the energy to put together a meaningful show like you did for even 30 minutes and try to maintain some semblance of a life outside the program. We all need a break from time to time, and I know from your passion you will be back. Please take good care of yourself and come back to us when you are ready. Peace and Love.

It Gets Better

Mabili, I am very sad to hear of your misfortune. You have been consistently one of the best programmers at WMNF, and I agree with Tim's comments above. I never understood why your show was not put back in the weekday public affairs schedule, or why you weren't given more time. I admire the way you always gave people a chance to speak their mind, without talking down to them. Best of luck - I know you will prevail. You are intelligent, insightful, articulate and have a good heart. How can you not succeed eventually?

Your WMNF Family

You have so much to offer. I know that it is so hard to live in this world. The business of life can be so overwhelming when you do not know what is around the next corner. WMNF has been lucky to have you, and I hope that you will try to stay a part of our lives in some way. These are such difficult times, and we have to help eachother. Best of luck in making sense of it all, and please try to find the light. Take care of yourself- we love you.

Let's Get Paid!

Mabilio did all this without a PAYDAY? I could not believe it! I am offering my srevices to raise a hoard and sack Rush Limbo's palace so we can fund more stuff like Mabilio's show. If we need more, we can raid Glenn Beck's compound, too. Justice.

A tragic loss of an important viewpoint

I am greatly distressed to hear about Mabili. It is apparent that as the cycle of economic disparity moves through populace all of us are affected. How true Mabili's words of economic justice ring true because, as Mabili observed, our corporations have not been reigned in by our politicians who are owned by those corporations. In light of this sad event, I suggest we stop the politicians from electing themselves here in Florida. If you want that too, go to and support that movement. Once Florida has voting districts NOT designed by politicians, we vote OUR people in, vote out the corporate owned politicians and the "revolution" starts. We want what Mabili called for: economic justice for all of Americans. I miss Mabili's voice advocating for us all.

Don't Let Corporate Amerikkka Take Your Soul

It is sad that we(who desire social revolution)haven't taken seriously,"Survival Pending Revolution". Social conditions, under Capitalism, never get better for those who have to sell themselves to survive,unless we start pooling our resources. It is(from my life experience)impossible to be a revolutionary,who accepts daily life as offered by The Corporate World. Not all gambling men/women are rich and the working man/woman is still poor.

"You can kill a revolutionary- but you can't kill

You've risen up and above previous obstacles, always while paving the path of truth amist the rubbles caused by the lies,war, and greed, this is why you'll always have respect from me, and that is why YOU"LL BE BACK- because you are a'll see!

Thank You

Mabili- I never spoke to you and you did'nt know me but I was out here listening. Shows like yours and others on WMNF make me feel connected, out here in this wasteland. I am very sad


Mabili, I thought your show really stood out from all the other shows, and I only ever listened to a handful of them. Thank you for doing what you did. God speed your return.

It will come around

Many revoutionaries have had the need to temporarily leave their work to earn money: Marx had to feed his family and no one was giving him big cash advances to write Kapital; Debs frequently needed to work when he got out of jail, to put some money aside to feed his before hitting the road to organize once more. It ain't going to happen 'til we're ALL up on the front line. To me, that will be soon but not next month. Love and peace, except to the rulers.