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WMNF 2010 Peace Awards Nominee Survey

Laura Taylor about over 5 years ago

WMNF is holding its 2nd Annual Peace Awards Saturday, August 7th at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts (formerly, the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center.) The Peace Awards recognizes those who have made great strides and efforts in the areas of peace, freedom for others, human rights, and those who foster peace and understanding through the media.

We want your voice and nominations as to who you think deserves a Peace Award. Eligible nominees must be persons or organizations in Florida. WMNF Staff or WMNF programs are not eligible. Last year's winners are also ineligible. However, individuals and organizations outside of the station, as well as individual WMNF programmers and volunteers may be nominated. Last year's nominees who did not win are also listed below and may be nominated again.

WMNF has also moved last year's nominees who represent an organization to the Peace and Humanity Category. You may nominate organizations you believe fit in that category, or renominate last year's organizations. If you have any questions, please contact Station Manager Jim Bennett at 813-238-8001, ext. 126 or Thanks for your participation!

[Peace Awards Survey] Click here to take survey

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Lifetime Achievement Nominee

Re: Lifetime Achievement Nominee Per: "...and those who foster peace [love] and understanding through the media." Name: Vicki Santa