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Should Florida allow offshore fossil fuel drilling?

Sean Kinane about over 5 years ago

Today President Barack Obama announced he would seek a reversal of federal policy that had prohibited most offshore drilling on the U.S. East coast & in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

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The First doGGie

WooF: $:?:! i Question whether or NOT oil and other fossil fuels are ACTUALLY cheaper sources of energy. No way. i Think they are actually much much more expensive, even on a simply economic level. Without even factoring in the environmental and healthcare costs and side affects of fossil fuel production, on a purely economic level SOLAR energy is much, MUCH cheaper. Consider the costs that will be associated with the oil obtained by this offshore drilling: 1: Research & Development : $:?! 2: Platform Construction : $:?! 3: Operating the Platforms: $:?! 4: Maintaining the Platforms: $:?! 5: The Cost of Drilling Itself $:?! 6: Transportation of the Oil: $:?! 7: Power Plant Construction: $:?! 8: Operating Power Plants: $:?! 9: Maintaining Power Plants: $:?! Compare that to the cost of capturing SOLAR power: 1: Manufacture SOLAR panels: $:!? 2: Install SOLAR panels: $:!? 3: Connect panels to grid: $:!? 4: Capture FREE sunshine: $:!? Just do the math and compare from beginning to end the complex fossil fuel energy production process to the much simpler SOLAR production process, and i believe U too will reach the inescapable conclusion that SOLAR power is much MUCH cheaper on a purely economic level of analysis. How ever anybody convinced everybody else that anything else was a factual reality is another story... And Does this not also just make pure common sense: The simpler the process, the cheaper the cost (barring exorbitant material costs) ?? (>=+=<) Alex Bonnie Colin (Sorry CHARLiE) Danielle Earl Fiona (So Long FRANCeS) Gaston Hermine Igor (Good Riddance iVaN) Julia (Good Bye JeaNNe) Karl Lisa Matthew Nicole Otto Paula Richard Shary Tomas Virginie Walter (>=+=<)