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WMNF is airing the Kagan hearings live

Matt Cowley about almost 5 years ago

If you want to listen to the Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, tune in this week to 88.5 FM or

Tuesday's coverage begins at 9 am ET and is scheduled to end at 6pm.

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Thursday's coverage wil be on HD 3

We will air Wednesday's Kagan hearings until 6pm ET, when the WMNF Evening News begins (we'll have a report from the hearings during the news). On Thursday WMNF will air Kagan hearings live gavel-to-gavel beginning at 9am on our HD 3 Channel The Source. You can listen on an HD radio or online: [Live internet stream of WMNF The Source](


Seriously. Was that something to be proud of? That was incredibly boring, inconsequential, and a total waste of air time. I've had a more interesting time watching grass grow. Do you really have to prove how politically hip you are by airing anything remotely political? We get it --you're hip! Now grow up and stop it! Play some M U S I C. I'm not paying to hear some old, white people mumble. There's a reason other stations don't air it: BECAUSE IT'S INCREDIBLY UNINTERESTING!!!!!!

I Agree - That was a Snooze fest

And I want my munny back!

He's right

Nobody really wants to listen to those hearings. Sure there's a few posers who want to give the impression of being smart and current but...I'm sure even the posers can't listen to more than 10 minutes without falling asleep. I'd rather whack my balls with a cane than listen to 5 minutes of that crap.

Kagan Hearings

Thanks for carrying the hearings. That is one of the many, many things I love about WMNF. I support her confirmation. Although it mostly consists of speech making -- it gave us an opportunity to see her interact. Thanks again.

misguided poitical opinion

what a load of of radio blows..left or right...we need music ..not misguided political opinion..i can make up my own political opinions without listening to judicial confirmation hearings..remember the 2000 presidential elections when that crackpot Nader was WMNF's man?..i do.. thanks for 8 years of worthless, whining political propagnda..i don't need it..stick with music

Interested About?

Who the heck wrote "Thanks for carrying the heariings"?????? It must be the person who decided to air them because NOBODY LIKES THAT CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is this station human??? are you in touch with your listeners????

Hey, instant gratification crowd

I listened to as much of the Kagan confirmation hearing as time permitted. I applaud WMNF for airing the hearings! Sure, I missed some of my favorite shows just like everyone else did. Please don't ever underestimate the importance of the Supreme Court in this country. If the Roe v. Wade desision had occured 2 years earlier (that legalized abortions) it's quite possible that one of my cousins would still be alive. She was given an illegal abortion with a coathanger behind a shopping center and bled to death. (I don't advocate abortions but feel strongly that women should be in charge of their bodies). Back to the Kagan hearings: I didb't know a whole lot about Ms. Kagan, but learned from the hearings that she's very knowledgeable about our laws and feel that she'll be a great asset. The hearings were also a good place to see the buffoonery and hypocracy that so many members of our pathetic Congress are so adept at displaying. Remember that the idiots running our country for the big corporations just love it when we're uninformed, stupid, and apathetic. Don't add to it. Peace, jp


Don't be a poser. If you want to impress everyone, go watch it on C-Span and then come back and brag about how informed you are. But don't force us to watch it just so a tiny minority can crow about how smart they are. Tell me one thing you learned from the hearings so far.


I'm sorry that you took offense---there was none intended. The point that I was trying to make is that we can't afford to keep burying our heads in the sand and pretend that all the crap that's going on right now isn't. And calling me a poser? Come on. Why is it so popular with some people that when they disagree with someone they feel compelled to start name-calling?


I think we could have gotten by with a few highlights of miss Kagen nobody expects a,wow didn't see that coming moment.The important thing is did anybody notice the scull in the trees in the picture of Antsy McClain. To your left , up ya that picture?


Was that there before? I didn't notice it when I lookd at the picture before but now it jumps right out. Is that natural or photo-shopped I wonder.

Name Calling?

I am not "name-calling". I am calling a spade a spade. Like when I see a bird I might say that's a northern mockingbird or if I see a guy at the gym spending more time in the mirror admiring himself than concentrating on his technique I might say that's a poser. It's merely field identification. You've been identified. Poser.

one good thing

The only good thing that resulted from airing the Kagan hearings is that Rob's show was preempted.


true dat

The Rob Lorei Show

Yeah, when I first started listening, Rob talked so much I thought the station was called the Rob Lorei show.