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WMNF Thanks the Family of the Late Rob Meyer

gene about about 5 years ago

Our family is eternally grateful to the family of the late Rob Meyer. Rob, who lived in Clearwater, passed away on December 12, 2009. Rob loved the station as a volunteer, listener and supporter of many years. He so loved WMNF that he left a legacy gift to us that was significant enough to rescind the layoffs of beloved WMNF employees Lee "Flee" Courtney, Linda "Lu" Reisinger and Miss Julie Scheid.

You will learn more about Rob Meyer in the coming weeks. But the life he lived breathed new life into your community station.

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Thank you

You may have very well saved WMNF. However, let's not forget we are not out of the woods, furthermore, let's make sure Jim knows that we will NOT let this station degenerate into KDKA style clique BS, we are a community, and we need respect and cooperation, else Rob Meyer's sacrifice would be in vain!

respect & gratitude

I don't think Rob sacrificed anything. I think he made a thoughtfully considered donation to a cause he believed in. The only way his donation will have been in vain is if we don't all learn a humbling lesson from this experience. Lets just all call a truce & have a moratorium on the political & flowery talk, & just pay some reverent respect & gratitude to this kind man & his kind action. Can we do that?

I agree

Well said.


Time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps, kiddos. When the going gets tough .... I gotta feeling we're gonna make it happen - good reason to keep me happy. So say Jeb - so be it. Let's make some money next week so we can all stay aurally tuned in. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Without the support of our VALUES...

Without the support of our VALUES... we all fall down. Stand up for the better things that you believe. Don't let any disagreements between good people work for "the dark side". Do your best & leave the place as best as you can, like Rob Meyer did. Peace.

Just a guy that loves listening WMNF

Did not know the man, However there is something about WMNF a very deep connection of who you hear though out the day. I see Rob as part of the puzzle in this great community radio station as a whole,Rob shaped the piece that well live on. "This is for the people who Knew Rob" Thank you 88.5 I can't give a $$ amount that will changed in the near future.

Values - NASA's new mission

Thank you Rob Myer

Mr. Myer left a legacy that helped the station at a time of great need. I plan to donate in his honor and memory during the upcoming marathon. Non-profits of any kind - WMNF included - can only continue through the generosity of donors. It's how they're set up. Donors who make this kind of legacy donation understand this fact and are to be commended. Thank you, Mr. Myer.

very good friend

Rob was a wonderful, kind and thoughtful man who was such a huge fan of WMNF. I know as a listener, I very much appreciate his thoughtfulness so this station can continue to thrive. God bless you, Rob.

Its all about the people

Great people. I meet them every day through WMNF. Rob is just another example of how you will do what you can to support something you believe in. He did us all a service, now we owe it to him to right the ship and sail on- Together in community! Thank you Mr. Meyer