The Storm

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Wester Joesph's Stereo Vudu

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Yesterday, May 17th, there was a broadcast that outlined 10 ideas that are being implemented around the country to take the power from Wall street and/or big banks. Please tell me which show (I believe it was around 11 am), and how to order a copy. Thank you, thank you!

Hi Jo, Here's the info you wanted

[AR] Upcoming Broadcast: Michael Shuman - Local Dollars, Local Sense (lecture) To: All Stations/Program Directo Fr: David Barsamian/via Distribution Dt: May 9, 2012 Re: Alternative Radio: Local Dollars, Local Sense Michael Shuman – Local Dollars, Local Sense (lecture) What do you do if you are fortunate enough to have some extra money? Stuff it under your mattress? Invest in Wall Street? Put it in a bank? For various reasons those may not be your best options. The economic crash and the Occupy movement have widened the space for alternatives and new thinking. A once fledging choice, investing locally has greatly expanded and taken root in a variety of places. It makes sense. By making the dollar switch to Main Street there is at least the possibility of creating more vibrant, self-reliant communities. Local investing can be done using a variety of approaches from cooperatives and community ownership to local exchanges. Exploring these options is critical. The big banks and investment firms, where most people have their money, are not overly concerned with building community. Michael Shuman is a leading thinker on community-based economic development. His articles appear in major newspapers and magazines. He is the author of “Going Local,” “The Small-Mart Revolution,” and “Local Dollars, Local Sense.” Feed Date & Time: Tuesday, May 15, 1400-1459ET Terms: Free of Charge to All Stations Contact Phone: (303) 473-0972 Email: Web: Forward this email to a friend. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe. © 2012 Alternative Radio | | (800) 444-1977