WMNF Board Editorial - Military Action in Syria

Hello. I'm Lou Putney, President of the Board of Directors of WMNF Community Radio.

For 34 years, WMNF has been committed to peace and human rights. The violence and deaths in the Syrian civil war grieve the WMNF community, and we believe the international community should respond. However, military strikes would only bring more violence and death to Syria.

We ask for a political solution that relies on enhanced diplomacy, restricted flow of weapons to all parties in Syria, investigation and prosecution of war crimes, and increased humanitarian aid to the victims and refugees of the Syrian civil war.

We urge the WMNF community to contact President Obama and their representatives in Congress urging rejection of military intervention in Syria in favor of alternative approaches.

For more information on the alternative approaches to Syria, and on contacting your representatives, go to fcnl.org.

War is not the answer. You can make the difference.

Thank you.