Last night the university of Tampa democrats held a round table discussion on national security, featuring a member of the 9/11 commission, a soldier returning from Iraq and the father of a victim of the September 11th attacks. The focus of the discussion was the failure of the war in Iraq and how President bush has redirected the resources, which could have been used to protect Americans, and instead invaded Iraq without a plan.


ACT “I tried to find reason when we first went in but they never came through..our unit went in after two month with Vietnam era flak jackets and humvees with tarp, we rushed past resistance…

Peter Granata was in the army reserve, he served as a military police officer if Iraq; Granata was sent in from the Kuwaiti border on the third day of the war.

ACT that doesn’t make sense..that was probably to make the American people think we…the Iraqi went home, they couldn’t fight the Tampa police department, I put two and two together..�

Granata also spoke about how he was forced to relate with the Iraqi people

ACT “we ran a prison camp and basically there was a huge round up of Iraqi prisoners, I don’t know what they were showing on the news…all of the government collapsed…and it also caused something thats not talked about..the government was sort of socialist..the people were given their food, they were given homes, the infrastructue and over time as the months went on I was supposed to keep people away from the camp, although it wasn’t my field, me and a few other guys…many other had to help Halliburton..the people were coming to our office, medical attention, women with babies, they were looking for food water, electricity, now we were just told by commanders just tell them its coming..well thats all we could do we felt powerless, and that’s what they did..and they are still waiting for it. This is one of the things that led to the insurgency.�

Lisa Light is the wife of a soldier who will soon be sent to Iraq.

ACT “one of the things that we haven’t done is equipped them, we don’t have humvees, my best friends husband just reserved..he wasn’t trained as an MP…�

Former Nebraska senator Bob Kerry said all of the members of the 9-11 commission agreed to not use the investigation or the report to influence this year’s election, but his view is that president Bush has done too much damage to his credibility to ever recover.

ACT-Kerrey “he said he’s lost credibility with foreign leaders, that’s not the biggest problem, he’s lost cred with American people…�

Tom Johnson lost his son when the twin towers were attacked.

ACT “..given what happened to our family, I bent over backwards to support Bush. I wanted to be supportive, but with every day that has passed it has become clearer and clearer, we went to war based on false premises based on ideology that’s has nothing to do with my son..and we did it out of stubbornness and ideology… we have the wrong commander in chief�

Kerrey said he thinks John Kerry will do a better job than bush, because of his experience in Vietnam, which was another war based on a lie, and because Kerry’s has worked over the past 30 years to mend the wounds between the US and Southeast Asia.

ACT--Kerrey “it was a peace keeping force that ended that war, worked with Bush sr, we felt some responsibility, brought POWs back from Thailand, he doesn’t come with an ideological preference…and most impressively he understands you have to stay the course…..�

Granata said many members of the military will not be voting for president Bush because of the way he used the image of commander in chief to mislead the public.

ACT ‘telling them to bring it on..playing dress up on the aircraft carrier..but I think john Kerry can do a much better job..Bush thinks things are going wonderful over there.

Light said she gave up her job to tour the county speaking out against Bush.

ACT “I think its crucial that we speak out…GWB is my husbands boos and im have to take the risk, so I feel like its my duty as a civilian to tell you that im supporting john Kerry..its also absolutely gut wrenching to think that your husband or loved ones is serving under a commander who doesn’t care..many of us have come to that conclusion..�

WMNF asked Peter Granata why if all of the facts point to President Bush not supporting the military, many members of the military still support Bush.

ACT “there was a lack of media sources, we mainly listened to Rush and fox, but a lot of people started to get the hint that’s there’s something wrong there, shortly after he dressed up, we said wait a minute, then we started to see a lack of planning, it seemed like wed never get out of there, you do have the educated people did catch on quicker faster than those ho got out of high school, if you read polls, you cant have dissent, and the army times poll, says military poll, they gave that survey by asking army times subscribers—career military people, thats who you’re getting it from.�

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