Critic on the War on Drugs

WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:


Peter Crist is with LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.  He’s a former Police officer from upstate             New York, who is in Tampa this month going to various Rotary Clubs making the argument that drugs should be legalized.


He appeared at the Tiger Bay Club in Polk County on Monday.  In the first of a 2 part interview, WMNF asked Peter Crist to answer the question that if drugs were legal in this country, would not kids in particular begin abusing them?


(roll tape#1 o.q.”once they get it”)


That’s Peter Crist…He’s with LEAP, Law enforcement against Prohibition.  Please tune to the Evening News next week, when we’ll air the 2nd part of our interview.  For more information on LEAP, you can go to the internet, at



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