Lobbyist looks at 2007 Florida Legislature by Mitch E. Perry

WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday

 Property taxes will be the biggest issue that state lawmakers will tackle this legislative session.  Democrats have said they don’t support Governor Crist, nor House Speaker Rubio’ s plans to bring property tax relief to homeowners. House Democrats are expected to counter with their own property-tax plan later tomorrow, possibly centering on a proposal to increase the homestead exemption but set the increase to a percentage of the median home value within individual counties.

Democratic lawmakers also are working on a proposed "renters homestead" that would offer income-based rebates to people who don't own their homes.

But even as members from both parties discuss working together in a bi-partisan fashion, the Governor is likely to warn lawmakers against overspending. The potential $800 million drop in expected tax dollars comes just weeks after lawmakers said collections were already on pace to fall more than $620 million below initial expectations.

Vic DiMaio is a Democratic Party political consultant in Tampa, and a registered lobbyist for several broadcasting companies.   He says with Jeb Bush no longer around, things will be much different in Tallahassee (roll tape#1 o.q.”from the top down”)
 That’s Democratic Party political consultant Victor DiMaio, who also works as a registered lobbyist in Tallahassee

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