04/03/07 Rob Lorei
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More than twenty years ago, one country dominated the news: Nicaragua. President Reagan had launched a covert war against that country's elected government, the Sandinistas. Reagan portrayed them as a threat to U.S. security- so the U.S. funneled billions of dollars to the Nicaraguan contras, an armed rebel group bent on overthrowing the Sandiniastas. The anti-government forces had a long record of human rights abuses, and the United States government was taken to international court whre it was found guilty of violating international law by mining Nicaragua's major seaport and funding the contras. Despite the international sanctions and the cost, the Sandinistas continue to enjoy a large amount of popular support. They lost the 1990 election, but their leader daniel Ortega was recently re-elected president of the country.

Lillian Hall, ProNica Program Coordinator in Managua, Nicaragua, came by the WMNF studios today. She has lived in Nicaragua in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people over 20 years, and therefore personally knows most key players including re-elected Daniel Ortega.  Her passion and commitment is evident in her reports and talks. Not only does she describe daily efforts just to survive, she also speaks about the changes in Nicaragua society. Since the recent elections that replaced the corrupt US-backed government, that for decades neglected the poorest of the poor, coincide with the change in US political winds, it might be a timely and interesting program. Likewise, she speaks eloquently about how women and children struggle for food, shelter and education. Recently passed legislation outlawing all abortions has already led to the deaths of two women. Many street children are those without mothers. Domestic violence, abuse and poor health caused by extreme poverty plague far too many in this beautiful country full of natural  

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