Christine Ahn. Christine is the editor of the latest book from Food First, “Shafted�. Shafted is the unspoken truth of free trade’s devastation on worker’s lives told by those who know first-hand: small family farmers, farm workers, fisherfolk, industrial and textile workers. The personal stories are supplemented with expert testimony from researchers and policy makers who have studied free trade’s economic and social impacts. For example, since NAFTA, more than half of all employers, and 71% of all manufacturers threatened to close operations when faced with a union organizing drive. Typically, union workers who lose manufacturing jobs find new work that pays only 70% of their former salary.

She is the Economic and Social Human Rights Program Coordinator at Food First Institute for Food and Development Policy. She writes and speaks frequently on human rights, poverty, hunger, trade, and globalization. Christine has worked with grassroots organizations in Denver, Colorado and Washington, DC; on the Navajo Reservation and the U.S. Mexico border; and in Kingston, Jamaica. She was inducted this fall as a “Rising Star� into the OMB Watch Public Interest Hall of Fame.

This Saturday, November 15, the Women’s Show – “From a Woman’s Point of View� will focus on the FTAA: what it is and what it means. Some call it “NAFTA on steroids.� Mary will interview Christine Ahn of Food First, editor of the book, “Shafted�, and Jennifer Elizabeth Kreisberg of Ulali. Talking about the FTAA coupled with Ulali -- pursuing their indigenous roots through their songs and talent, one is aware that the majority of the world does not find its roots in western culture or tradition. The question today is “Do any of us find our roots in corporate structure? Are we all indigenous?� Many feel the single most compelling driving force of social and political values in the world is corporately driven.

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