More than 1 million deaths in Iraq, group says

08/14/07 Robert Lorei
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Our guest today is Robert Naiman, national coordinator and senior policy analyst at Just Foreign Policy.

"Just Foreign Policy is publishing updated estimates of Iraqi deaths due to the U.S. invasion and occupation starting in 2003. And the way that we constructed this estimate is to extrapolate from the Lancet study that was published last fall," Naiman says.

"The Lancet study was based on a survey completed in July 2006. So, although at the time it was the best, indeed the only scientific estimate of Iraqi deaths, it is now a year old. ... We wanted to provide an update of that so we have extrapolated from the numbers that the Lancet study reported, using the trend provided by the deaths reported by Iraq Body Count, which counts deaths reported in Western media.

"And our online estimate now stands at 1,000,000+."

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