St. Pete neighborhood group against proposed ballpark

04/10/08 Mitch E.Perry
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Tonight the St. Petersburg City Council is holding another Public Hearing on the proposed waterfront ballpark for the Tampa Bay Rays. And they will be receiving some unpleasant news.

That’s because C.O.N.A, the Council of Neighborhood Associations, last night issued a report recommending AGAINST a November referendum on approving the site of the current Al Lang field for re-development.

Barbara Heck is the President of C.O.N.A. She said that after the Rays announced their plans for a new park late last year, a subcommittee, called the Historic Resources and Land Development Committee was formed. Heck says they spent the past 3 ½ months researching and reviewing all aspects of the different proposals. (roll tape#1 o.q.” on anything else”)

That’s Barbara Heck, President of CONA, the Council of Neighborhood Associations in St. Petersburg. Her group is now officially coming out against the proposed referendum on allowing Al Lang Field to be redeveloped for the Rays. The St. Pete City Council has until June to decide whether to put the referendum on the November ballot.

But not all the news is bad for the Rays in terms of their proposed ballpark.

The St.Petersburg Times is reporting that “Fans for Waterfront Stadium”, a group of supporters of the proposed facility, plan to present a petition signed by 100 business owners in the community to the City Council this evening.

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