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07/08/08 Concetta DeLuco
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Health Care for America Now, a new coalition group, held a press conference today at the Joe Chillura Courthouse Square in downtown Tampa to unveil their new national campaign for healthcare reform. The group is organizing to assure that quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans will be the first order of business addressed by the next president.

Bill Newton, executive director of the Florida Consumer Action Network, said the campaign calls for the government to establish and enforce rules for the insurance industry so that "they put Americans health before their profit." He discusses the vision that Healthcare For America Now (HCAN) has for healthcare reform in America and the benefits that can be expected.

HCAN is comprised of a broad group of partners and among those that were in attendance Tuesday ranged from local small business owners and nurses to national grassroot groups like Planned Parenthood and ACORN.

Pat Sanchez, an owner of several small businesses, said she realizes healthcare insurance is necessary but it is difficult to afford the expensive healthcare premiums and reform is necessary.

Roselily Story is a registered nurse and representative for the Service Employees International Union, the fastest growing healthcare union in North America. She said she witnesses on a daily basis what not having health insurance does to patients.

Jan Chester, vice president and COO of Planned Parenthood in Southwest and Central Florida, said that as a reproductive and sexual healthcare provider, Planned Parenthood has always advocated a prevention first agenda and prevention needs to be focused on when envisioning healthcare reform.

ACORN, the nations largest grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people dedicated to social and economic justice, is part of HCAN.

More than 95 national and local groups that are part of the HCAN movement met in 52 cities across the country today to launch the campaign that will spend an initial $1.5 million on national advertising that will be directed toward Congress and the presidential candidates to make them aware of the strong demand for healthcare reform.

HCAN plans to spend an additional $25 million in paid media and have 100 organizers in 45 states within the next five months.

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