Gulf drilling expansion vote is next week

09/09/08 Robert Lorei
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Good afternoon, welcome to Radioactivity. I’m Rob Lorei. Coming up first today: there will soon be a vote in the U.S. Senate to open up the eastern Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling. We’ll speak with two environmentalists about the upcoming vote.

Later, since this program has not been on for several weeks- it’s our first opportunity to talk about the political conventions. And we’ll do that in the second part of the program.

First up, oil drilling in the gulf:

From today’s Associated Press: “Senate democrats are promising a series of votes next week on offshore oil drilling on coasts including Florida's. Majority leader Harry Reid says he's ready to take a compromise bill that will allow limited oil and gas drilling 50 miles out in the Atlantic off Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, and off Florida’s gulf coast.

"Republican leaders are expected to push for broader offshore Drilling and are likely to call for lifting drilling bans along Both the pacific and Atlantic coasts as well as the eastern gulf of Mexico. Several senators from both parties support the multistate bill, though Florida democrat Bill Nelson isn't among them. Nelson is hinting at a filibuster, saying he won't let Florida be "a sacrificial lamb."

We’re joined now by two environmentalists: T.J. Marshall is with the Natural Resources Defense Council in Miami and Dr. Enid Sisskin is with a group in Pensacola called Gulf Coast Environmental Defense.

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no drilling

I've lived in Sarasota my whole life, 29 years, because I love the award-winning beach and the natural landscape. The economic policy in my community has relied on development and growth which has quickly changed the culture, polluted the water, and paved the delicate habitats unique to this area. Suddenly, tourism is in decline, the housing market has stalled, and the economic situation looks as though it may get worse before it gets better. That is because our economic policy was not sustainable. Drilling will further destabilize our economy. The oil companies will trade their oil on the global market which means we will not see the wealth, only the tar on our beach.