Clinton campaigns in Tampa for Obama

09/09/08 Seán Kinane
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Yesterday afternoon at the All Peoples Life Center in East Tampa, former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton heaped praises upon former rival Barack Obama, their party’s nominee for president.

About a thousand supporters chanted and cheered as Clinton took the stage. The New York senator was hoping to direct their enthusiasm toward the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Clinton emphasized the differences between Obama and his main rival, Republican presidential nominee John McCain, on a range of issues, including the country’s economy. “You know people are feeling invisible. … People are working harder and not being rewarded for their work.”

Clinton said if Obama is elected, he will help the economy by cutting taxes on all but the wealthiest workers. “He has proposed a middle-class tax cut … that will cover 95 percent of America’s people.”

Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, was one of the people who spoke before Clinton took the stage. Joyner contrasted the tax plans of Obama and McCain. “What’s the opponetnts plan? Well, he'll keep cutting taxes for the richest Amercans and leave the middle class out. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for a change.”

Former Tampa Mayor Sandy Freedman was a supporter of Clinton’s candidacy, but recently announced that she would support Obama. Freedman told the audience “Not one among us doesn’t know that we desperately need change in this country. Bush, Cheney, McCain – they’ve got to go.” She said that an Obama presidency would “make healthcare affordable and accessible for all.”

Despite her 2002 vote giving President George W. Bush the authority to invade Iraq and her multiple votes to fund the U.S. military occupation of Iraq, Clinton called for armed services personnel stationed overseas to be redeployed to the United States. “You know that we are breaking the military and it is time for us to bring our troops home.”

During a brief press conference after the rally, the former First Lady said if he is elected president, Obama will repair the country’s “broken immigration system.” “Well, it’s important for the country. … I’m not sure there’s a lot of difference between the candidates on that particular issue.”

Clinton was repeatedly asked about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin by the media but she declined to comment. Instead Clinton emphasized the differences between the Republican and Democratic tickets. “John McCain and Sarah Palin offer four more years of the failed policies of the last eight years.”

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Democrat Alex Sink attended the rally but did not speak. “I’m supporting Senator Obama and Senator [Joe] Biden in their ticket and so is Senator Clinton.”

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Sandy Freedman

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Don't take anything Hillary does now, seriously, Pelosi and Dean are making Hillary campaign For Obama, And she needs to do it,, but she know Obama not going to win, or Really hope Obama does not win, this way people can put up with 4 years of McCAIN, and then Hillary will run again, 2012, even if Obama decided to run him self again, will not win,,, HE did not win florida or michigan, if those state were allowed from day one it would be Hillary here, ,but the DNC decided to back Barack Obama,, and back stab THe CLintons,, I been a long time Democrat, I will vote for McCain so Hillary can run again, 2013,, and there is nothing wrong with that, There a lot of Obama flunky out there say if you voted for Hillary, you have to vote for obama,, Because I am a democrat, I will not blindly vote for someone who will not do a good job. Million among million will not vote for Obama,, and Hillary is not behind this, even tho she will get blammed for it It all American right to vote for who ever you want, that is a personal choice, obama can not strong arm you to change

O-offensive B-bullshiter A-Arrogant M-Militant, A-Asshole Well good thing Orielly went very soft on Obama and he still got flustered,and stammer & stutter thru the interview,, the man never won a debate, and had his campaign , and his group of voter,who go on the air and say obama was treated unfair, the gave him Real question, to answers, Obama has no experience what so ever and his voter think he has all the experience in the world, all he need is MSnbc & Oberman KOS, I can not believe Obama was trying to tell Orielly He is friends with Oberman and blogs on the Daily KOS, The Far Crazy Left,, Now if you wondering why Obama going to lose now, A woman He attacked , first Hillary clinton, now then Mccain now Palin, A man who has No experience, ,, Palin has more than he will ever have, I am a Hillary Supporter, who will vote McCain, Funny how the Massiah Obama, can do no wrong, with his supporter, he is losing poll number Fast, 3 weeks ago he talking how he ahead in the polls, Now he say the polls don't matter, A Two Face to the end, Palin has more experience than obama, but obama having the Daily kOS attack her, Obama is a sexist two face Man, Now calling Palin a Pig with Iipstick, everyone know what Obama true colors are,