Alaskan: Palin 'spinning' on Bridge to Nowhere claims

09/10/08 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Wednesday | Listen to this entire show:

Yesterday the John McCain campaign unveiled what they called a Truth Squad to protect GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Today, the Obama camp responded with what they call their Alaska Mythbusters, featuring former Alaskan Gov. Tony Knowles and Ketchikan, Alaska, Mayor Bob Weinstein.

Knowles, the previous governor in Alaska, says he thinks its bad form to criticize a sitting governor. But he said the stakes were too big now for him to reserve comment. He discussed the Troopergate controversy involving Palin, who is accused of firing her public safety commissioner. Palin reportedly fired Walt Monegan after he refused to get involved in firing her former brother-in-law, a state trooper who was involved in an exceptionally nasty divorce with her sister.

Knowles said that when Palin was told it was inappropriate to continue to be involved in the case, she did not pull back, but ultimately fired the public safety commissioner. And Knowles said Palin changed her position that the inquiry would be open and cooperative with the investigators.

Bob Weinstein is the mayor of Ketchikan, the home of the Bridge to Nowhere. He denies that Palin ever told Congress "thanks, but no thanks" regarding getting congressional funding for a bridge to Gravina Island. The island hosts an airport but the only other access is by ferry.

He said Palin couldn’t say anything to Congress, because she was not yet governor when Congress was dealing with whether or not to ultimately decided not to fund the bridge. And he says she took exception to people calling the project a bridge to nowhere.

Another new television ad by the McCain campaign claims – based on an article by a Wall Street Journal reporter - that the Obama camp sent out a team of attorneys and opposition researchers to Alaska the day after Palin was selected as VP. The Obama team denies that.

When asked by a reporter on the conference call if any independent or third party groups have come to Alaska to reseach Palin, Ketchikan Mayor Bob Weinstein bashed the McCain campaign team for doing little if any vetting of Palin.

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One thing they sure missed: the horrible "leadership qualities" Palin shows when she just giggles as shock jocks to call a cancer survivor a "cancer and a b****" --and then she claims she'd be honored to have them in the Governor's Mansion. These are people I do not want in the White House: The Anchorage Daily news reported this on January 25th, 2008


While we're all discussing the very interesting Ms. Palin. There is the $200 billion taxpayer bailout of Fannie & Freddie. As I understand it none of this money will go directly to prevent foreclosures, altho more than $10 mil will go to severance packages for the CEO's. I also heard that the decline in values of public pension funds which were major holders of the now worthless shares will force raises in state & local taxes. Do we really want to continue the people like McCain who created this mess. It's rather like the "surge." Had it not been for the folly of going to Iraq in the first place we wouldn't have needed a surge. (& for the record Osama hated Hussein almost as much as he hates the West. Hussein was a bad guy but the Iranians weren't crazy about him either. We're being distracted here from a debt that our children's grandchildren will be paying.