Florida CFO blasts John McCain on economy

09/17/08 Mitch E. Perry
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Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink waded into the presidential race today when she discussed the recent Wall Street meltdown. Sink blasted John McCain several times on a statewide conference call for his comment on Monday that the "fundamentals of the U.S. economy are sound."

Sink said she came to that conclusion after briefing Gove. Charlie Crist and fellow board members about the hit taken on the state’s treasury from the bankruptcy filing of investment banking giant Lehman Brothers, and possibility that insurance giant AIG might go bust.

Florida’s CFO is perhaps the state’s most popular Democrat, but she has mostly stayed out of the political fray in her nearly two years in office. Sink was neutral in the primaries but her husband, former gubernatorial candidate Bill McBride, supported Hillary Clinton. Today, Sink came out strong today in support of the economic policies of party standard bearer Barack Obama.

Last week a Quinnipiac Poll showed McCain with his biggest lead yet in Florida this year, a 7-point lead over Obama. That poll, and a few others, have led several key political analysts to take Florida out of the “too close to call” column and move it toward the Republicans.

Asked why with a struggling economy Obama hasn’t performed better in Florida, Alex Sink said the recent financial crises should open everybody’s eyes. When asked if Obama has anything concrete that could help out Florida, Sink said yes.

She mentioned that her financial action team has noticed that the recent Housing bill signed by President Bush would provide for local governments to purchase foreclosed housing and turn it into affordable housing.

Yesterday Sink said that Wall Street’s financial crises will likely cost Florida taxpayers millions of dollars, but she said that the state’s $24 billion in treasury investments are so diversified, there’s no reason to panic.

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