Obama supporters celebrate in Tampa

11/05/08 Emily Reddy
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The Florida O-Train made its final stop last night in Tampa. Volunteers, staff and local leaders in President-elect Barack Obama’s campaign gathered at the Tampa Waterside Marriott to await election results.

An early surge for Obama in electoral votes, including a win in the coveted state of Pennsylvania put the crowd into an expectant but reserved mood. Then Ohio went blue, and most of the crowd seemed convinced he had won.

Alice Montalvo was overjoyed to hear that Hillsborough, where she’d been volunteering, went to Obama.

The crowd counted down to the closing of the polls on the west coast and the immediate announcement that Obama was projected to be the next president of the United States.

Many of those in the crowd talked about what this meant for themselves and their children.

Frank Peterman Jr., former state legislator and current head of the Department of Juvenile Justice, thought Obama would win, but not by such a wide margin. Peterman thinks Obama will especially be a good example for young people in the United States.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, said it was important Obama win big so that there was no question of who the next president is.

As excited as they were, the crowd recognized that there is still work to be done.

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