Peace vigil held in Largo

12/30/08 Andrea Lypka and Colleen Krepstekies
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A handful of protestors gathered on Monday to show their continued support against the war in Iraq. The Peace Vigil in Largo was organized by Rise Up Tampa Bay, a peace organization that holds weekly antiwar demonstrations throughout the bay area.

Yesterday’s protests went on as scheduled with a few dedicated and concerned citizens, including Tom Lingo, who has been participating in demonstrations for a year. He wants to raise awareness on the military retention techniques for soldiers often referred to as a “reverse draft”. Soldiers who are either retiring or have fulfilled their contract have their stay in the military extended to support the Iraq mission.

Lingo and his fellow protesters are also concerned about the U.S. military spending in foreign wars; he says that money could be better spent elsewhere, such as for education and city infrastructure.

Another protester, university student Teah Michel who studies sociology, wants people to hold their government responsible and encourages them to be more proactive citizens to bring change. These protesters are committed to grassroots movements and hold the hope that they can incite enough activism to bring about change at state and national levels.

Anyone interested in participating in future protests should visit

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