More problems at Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Office

01/16/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Friday | Listen to this entire show:

Hillsborough County election officials said today they have discovered 440 uncounted ballots, more than two months after the official results were submitted to the state for certification.

Craig Latimer is chief of Staff for newly elected Supervisor Phyllis Busansky. He says that the uncounted ballots came from two ballot boxes located at the Temple Terrace Presbyterian Church, and actually could have affected a City Council race there.

The second place candidate – and now Council member, was Mary Jean Neale. The man who finished behind her by just 90 votes was Dave Penoyer. He says he may have to sue now.

The discovered ballots are just the latest blot on the tenure of former Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson. County Commissioners have been unsparing in their criticism of Johnson’s reign after his office said they were more than $2 million short in paying their bills.

Latimer said the new staff is trying to go through every piece of paper to see what’s been paid for, and what hasn’t. And Latimer says at this time, all ballot boxes have been inspected to ensure all ballots have been counted.

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Jeb's legacy

Buddy was such a disgrace. I wonder how many other Bush mistakes will turn up.