Interfaith Press Conference on Healthcare Reform

09/04/09 Lindsey Kratochwill
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This morning an interfaith group of clergy members met at the Unity Church in Clearwater to give their opinions on healthcare reform.

The press conference was held today to coincide with the last week of the congressional recess. The speakers shared their own spiritual opinions and personal experiences with healthcare and what they want to see in reform.

Rev. Abhi Janamanchi from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Clearwater repeatedly said that healthcare is not something that should be reserved for only some Americans.

Rev. Anton deWet of the Faith United Church of Christ in Clearwater echoed this sentiment, while expressing his discontent with the way many politicians have been behaving.

Because healthcare is not yet known as a universal right, Rev. Phyllis Hunt from the Metropolitan Community church in Tampa says that we should be aware of who is making the decisions.

Aziz Marshant shared from the Islamic perspective, which he called it a humanistic point of view. Like Rev. deWet, he was disappointed by the way this has been handled by the public so far.

Leslie Malino was in the audience. She shared her own experiences with healthcare and her opinion on reform. Her daughter’s extreme health conditions have caused her to experience many parts of the system first hand. She said that she thinks it needs to change, but that the government wouldn’t fix it entirely.

Another audience member, Janice Carny, has had experience with the VA system as well.

One member of the audience explained why she thought the health care reform should get passed now.

Stuart is a former employee of direct and managed care. He feels that the insurance companies need to stop discriminating against sick people, which he says is current practice.

President Obama will address congress on healthcare on September 9th. For more information about the Unity Church, visit For on the healthcare reform debate, visit [

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