Lakeland offers residents solar water heaters

09/08/09 Mitch E. Perry
WMNF Drive-Time News Tuesday

Soon residents in Lakeland will have the opportunity to sign up to get solar water heating systems, with no up front costs.

In July, the Lakeland City Council approved a deal with a private, California-based company called Regenisis Power. The program is available only to residential customers, who will receive 80-gallon water tanks instead of standard 40-gallon ones to get in the program.

John Cheney Sr. is Vice President of Regenisis Power. He says that though the ultimate goal is to have such solar water heating systems in as many as 20,000 homes, the immediate goal is more modest.

It should be noted that customers who sign up for the service but ultimately want to leave the program but are not selling their property pay a $250 fee to help cover the cost of equipment removal.

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