Activist Rev Bruce Wright challenges G20 leaders

09/24/09 Seán Kinane
WMNF Drive-Time News Thursday | Listen to this entire show:


Reverend Bruce Wright is a local activist for the rights of homeless individuals, with the Poor Peoples’ Economic Human Rights Campaign and Refuge Ministries. Wright is in Pittsburgh, the site of the G-20 summit. WMNF spoke with him today.

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Hay Sean… go interview Rev. Wright now!!! The right may be trying to make deep cuts to the budget that will affect the homeless… but at least the right is not eating their own!!!

too much?

Glenn, you're joking, right? You agree with that television station that it's a news story that someone working full time makes too much: somewhere between $14,400 and $32,004 per year? Off the top of my head I can't name a single homeless advocate or minister employed full time who makes that little.

It's budget cutting time...

TV News station??? Somewhere between $14,400 and $32,004 per year??? In the story I read… the Rev was making $32,000… and collecting food stamps… with a combined household income of close to $111,000!!! And people want to build monuments to this guy for handing out peanut butter sandwiches??? Dude… for $32,000 tax free (equivalent to making $47,000) and food stamps… he could have a least put some jelly on them!!! By-the-way… let me know if his position comes open… I’ll cut his budget by a third and consider doing what he does for only $20,000 (tax free)… jelly included…