A discussion on climate change

10/19/09 Jon Butts
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On Today’s Sustainable Living Program about climate change, our guests included author and international speaker, Bill McKibben, the Reverend Warren Clark with Faiths United for Sustainable Energy (FUSE), and Kate Melges, a volunteer for Greenpeace.

McKibben’s many books with environmental themes include ‘The End of Nature’, and he has co-founded a new effort based on the number 350. Science has given us this number as an acceptable amount of CO2 in our atmosphere in parts per million (PPM).

Although we are nearing 400 PPM of CO2, 350’s efforts are to raise awareness through a day of action on October 24. This event will take place all over the world, with Kate and Warren organizing efforts in our area. You can find out about efforts in Tampa Bay, and your area, by going to http://www.350.org.

Warren will be traveling to Washington tomorrow to meet with our elected leaders in hopes of getting legislation passed on this critical issue. He asked that we keep him in our thoughts and prayers--and please call your congress person now!

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