Hillsborough Legislative Delegation approves local bills

12/18/09 Concetta DeLuco
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Today at USF members of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation considered whether they would support several local bills.

The Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation, comprised of 4 Senators and 12 House members, represents the county in the Florida Legislature. The delegation agreed on several local bills that they will support when the state legislature convenes for its regular session in March.

The Children’s Museum of Tampa requested a bill that would allow alcohol to be served in the museum. Representative Darryl Rouson supported the bill as a way to generate revenue for the non-profit museum.

Of the 16 members of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation, Senator Rhonda Storms was the only one who disagreed with the bill. She felt alcohol had no place in a children’s museum.

Representative Ed Homan disagreed with Senator Storms. He said permitting the Children’s Museum to have a liquor license allows it to become a venue for community events, which is very different from serving liquor at a little league game.

The delegation agreed to support the bill in a 15 to 1 vote.

There were many police officers and citizens in attendance to support a bill that would better regulate non-consensual or private towing companies. Currently under Florida Law, only public or government-contracted towing companies are subject to strict regulations under the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission (PTC). Representative Richard Glorioso sponsored the bill. Glorioso said it was an issue he was very familiar with.

Alex Dunmyer is also very familiar with being “gouged” by a towing company. He said he was swindled out of a lot of money when his car was towed. He wants to put an end to this type of fraud.

Andrea Blood is extremely frustrated with non-consensual towing companies. Her husband’s favorite car was once towed; she said the process to get it back was ridiculous.

Several other bills also drew support from the delegation. They included a bill that will allow citizens to challenge the Hillsborough County Transportation Committee, and two bills that will provide clarifications to the pension plans of Tampa’s Fire and Police and general city employees.

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