Ethics complaint filed against Commissioner Kevin White

01/22/10 Joshua Lee Holton
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An ethics complaint was filed today against Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin White. A citizen alleges White committed a conflict of interest yesterday when he voted on a measure in which he clearly had a financial stake.

That was the result of the County’s historic motion to sue White yesterday. White was the only negative vote. But political consultant Chris Ingram called the vote a conflict of interest and filed the complaint today to the Florida Commission on Ethics.

The County is responsible for almost half a million dollars in legal fees from a sexual harassment suit against Commissioner White, who was found guilty along with the County. The Commission’s vote is an attempt to recoup some of the legal fees from White.

According to Ingram, Florida law prohibits elected officials from voting on something that involves a financial interest.

Ingram says White didn’t need a lawyer to see the ethical dilemma.

WMNF contacted Kevin White’s office, which refused to comment. The Florida Commission on Ethics also declined to comment as the ethics complaint hasn’t been reviewed yet.

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