Backyard Fish & Chickens

01/25/10 Jon Butts
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We started today’s program with Carlos Martinez, an Aquaculture Researcher with the University of Florida, with information about raising Tilapia (commonly known as Nile perch) in our backyards. According to Carlos it can be fun, a great learning experience, and can provide fish for the dinner table. Learn more at UF’s Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences web site

Next up, Pam the ‘Goat Lady’ Lunn joined the program to talk about raising chickens in your backyard. Pam shared her experience of how she started raising dairy goats and chickens, and how this has become a full-time business (“The Dancing Goat’). Pam explained how she is able to sell her eggs and goat milk at our local farmers markets. In the past she’s gotten help from the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund on dealing with our local agriculture inspectors, with good results. Pam will be at the Florida State Fair next month, and is always willing to talk to folks at our local farmer markets in Downtown Tampa, St Pete, and Sweetwater Organic Farm.

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I would like to be able to contact both Pam the "Goat Lady" Lunn and Carlos Martinez, both mentioned on Jon Butts show of1/25/10. I would also like to know where there are organic foods available from locals at farmers markets near St Pete Beach. Keep on the great work, you all!