Economist runs for Democratic Party nomination for Governor

02/16/10 Robert Lorei
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Our guest today is Dr. Farid Khavari, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Dr. Khavari, an economist, is a Democratic candidate for the 2010 gubernatorial race in Florida. He has written nine books related to economics, energy, environment, healthcare and other economic-political subjects. His latest book, Towards a Zero-Cost Economy: A Blueprint to Create General Economic Security in a Carefree Economy, is receiving increasingly national and international attention and the experts are endorsing it as solution for the existing economic woes.

Dr. Khavari has an unusual economic plan for Florida, "The Khavari Economic Plan," to create one million new jobs in the private sector without subsidies and make the economy of Florida prosperous and recession-proof. He says he is the only candidate with an economic plan.

The cornerstone of The Khavari Economic Plan is to create a state bank, The Bank of the State of Florida. He says the people of Florida will own this bank; and the people and economy of Florida will benefit from this bank.

FMI Khavari Zero Cost Economy

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Zero Cost Economy gives America back to The People

Dr. Khavari's ideas may well be the key to not only the survival of America's economy, but of America itself as we know it. The key to understanding how credible the State Banking model truly is lies in the fact that even the current banking system lends out ten times its own deposits. This was hard for me to grasp when I first heard it, but this is the true nature of our credit system, such that banks can effectively create money from the evaluation of another individual's ability to pay this debt. By harnessing the incredible power of the universal cultural force of trade under a State Banking system, which allows the Republic itself to own its own currency and means of trade, you will be amazed to learn that not only can a State Bank provide the people with low cost mortgages, the bank can still profit from this endeavour to the point that your taxes will be significantly reduced, if not outright eliminated! Sound incredible? No more incredible than the nature of the system that we are now seeing in a state of complete collapse!! If you look into Credit Default Swaps and Derivatives, you will be amazed the current system functions at ALL. If there is one responsibility of Government, it is to provide stable tools of commerce which are owned by the people, and reasonably protected from cynical manipulation through the stalwart maintenance of well known, tried and true principles of integrity as should apply to the financial professions on all levels and at all times. It is to the detriment of everyone that the public unit of commerce is today privately owned. This is effectively 'taxation without representation', and since money cannot exist under the current system without being borrowed from these private entitiess, it is impossible to pay the interest on such a loan - the money to pay it CAN'T exist unless you borrow it, remember?!? So it's a trap - a shell game, a gypsy trick, that indebts all who participate forever! The State Bank is an initiative that can be started within the current system, to grow along free market principles as people transfer their financial activities into this bank, purely out of their own judgment and self-interest. Dr. Khavari is nothing less than a critical voice of our time. Watching from here in Canada, I fear for the dream of freedom that America has spread to every corner of the world - and yet who is offering clear, well thought out alternatives to the structures that have proved to be so dangerously flawed and destructive? America was built by and for the people, and this spirit must be remembered to inspire people to believe that the way their economy works is something they CAN understand and debate. So don't listen to those who tell you these matters are for experts to take care of behind closed doors. Look into, and judge for yourself. Dr. Khavari's economic plan re-evaluates wealth in a more real way, and allows for a free market model that allows for the abundance Americans are so capable of and well known for, without fear of Governments run amok usurping one's lifeworks, or criminal irresponsibility threatening the personal savings of all. Anyone worried that an unprecedented approach is too risky in a time of such crisis should visit The First State Bank of North Dakota was founded in 1919, and they missed out on last year's economic collapse because of this system, and the 5 billion dollar surplus it has availed them of to ride out harsh times. Believe that with a little inquiry, you can understand and directly affect the nature of the economic system we all must participate in, in order to live. Above all, America needs leaders of integrity right now - politicians whose loyalty to the Constitution will drive their decisions and policies, and allow the people they represent to clearly understand what to expect from their leaders, and why. It's clearly obvious that personally, I am a convert, and hope that everyone takes the time to look into Dr. Khavari's straightforward economic model, designed for the benefit of all. "We The People" should own our system of commerce and trade. Dr. Khavari outlines exactly how this can been attained without drastic 'surgery', phony bailouts that allow criminals to rob and enslave even your children's children, nor an ever increasing burden of Governments' inevitable corruption by those who seek to pursue 'taxation-as-industry', as well as impose their ideological visions of humanity upon others in a fashion specifically warned against by the Founders of America themselves.


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