Riki Ott on the gulf oil spill

05/22/10 Mary Glenney
From A Woman's Point of View

Riki Ott, a marine biologist with a specialty in oil pollution and a fisherwoman, discussed the Gulf Oil blowout.

Ott has been in the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana, Mississippii and Alabama since May 3. She has been out in the gulf and has observed the effects of the cleanup on the workers. With her experience being in Cordova Alaska as a fisherwoman before, during and after the Exxon Valdez spill, she observes the Gulf with a very experienced and knowledgeable eye.

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Even. news accuracy

Why are you still referring to the spewing, gushing of oil from the bottom of the ocean as a "leak"?!(Tues. even. news, 5/25.) Have you looked at the livefeed of the spewing? Stop using the totally inaccurate term "leak"! (BP wants you to use it, as they do.) Kate, you're doing good, but it would be professional to announce a co-anchor at the start and to let us know where Sean is. Tues. 5/25 Kate reported that Hamas had "seized control" of Gaza a couple years ago. Hello, news anchor!!--Hamas WON THE ELECTION in Gaza in a surprise win, after which Israel and the US spun it into a "takeover" or "seizing" by Hamas. They/We never recognized the legitimate winner of a fair election. Stop spouting the line that Hamas "seized control" of Gaza in 2007 which sounds like a military win. We expect more accuracy from you than from NPR. Watch slipping into the lingo that NPR uses and even Ms. Amy Goodman can use that are just plain inaccurate. (Goodman has still been calling the gusher a "leak", after BP's own heart.)