From Solar Cooking to Transitions Communities

05/31/10 Jon Butts
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On today’s program our first guest was Nathan Parry, a solar cook located in St George Utah . We talked about the history of cooking with the sun and solar oven use in poorer nations. Nathan described different types of solar cookers and their advantages and disadvantages. He recommended cooking anything you could cook in the kitchen on a solar cooker. Personally, I didn’t realize there is a parabolic cooker available for home use (got to get one!).

Next up, a young permaculture student, Don Hall, is starting a new sustainable living “Transitions“ group in Sarasota. The Transition initiatives, based on peak oil and the end of oil, started in 2005 with the Transition Handbook written by Rob Hopkins. The groups are starting all over the world; this one is the first in our area. There’ll be a film series sponsored by WSLR Community Radio in Sarasota to start the Transitions group. You can find out more at the WSLR website, or contact Rob at

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Great show!

John, great job with these two guests! Don is a recently made friend of mine and a great person. I'll be helping Transitions with some food growing classes soon. So glad to find this online, as I missed it Monday. Keep up the good work! -Peter Burkard