Repower & Oil Spill

06/14/10 Jon Butts
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The Gulf oil spill is on everyone’s mind, and a group started by Al Gore, Repower America, is helping to organize a public meeting about it at the USF St. Pete College starting at 6 PM Tuesday evening. Blake Williams and Lance Orchid, with Repower, joined us to talk about the Gulf disaster, and the solutions Repower is working on. Also, a member of the board of directors of the Florida Wildlife Federation, Ann Vanek Dasovich, joined the program to talk about the Federation’s effort to understand the impact of the spill, our environment, and economy here in Florida.

There’s limited seating at the Palladium so you should pre- register at Repower America.

Repower works on issues such as Smart Grid, Green Jobs, Electric Vehicles, etc. The Florida Wildlife Federation’s first principal is “that the welfare of fish and wildlife is inseparable from other living things, including humans.”

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