Reducing Our Power Bills

08/23/10 Jon Butts
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Our very special guest on today’s program was John Lambie, a founder of the “Florida House” in Sarasota, an adjunct professor with New College, and presently the Vice President of Building Science with Dwellgreen Company, a total home evaluation company.

Lambie talked about the history of the Florida House, a conservation demonstration house; how it was started, and its present state. Then we jumped into how to reduce the heat load on our homes through improvements to our attics and roofs. John talked about the low hanging fruit concept of the easiest ways to conserve energy, such as just changing light bulbs, painting our roofs white, and reducing the humidity in our homes so we can turn up our thermostats. The different types and pros and cons of radiant heat barriers were a hot topic. John can be contacted through the website.

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