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09/20/10 Jon Butts
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On today’s Sustainable Living Program we were very happy to have the Co-Director of USF’s Clean Energy Research Center, Dr. Yogi Goswami, an inventor and author. Dr. Goswami’s Department at USF is heading up the 2nd annual Tampa Bay Solar Tour on October 2.

Also joining the program were James Grebey and Max Wilson, both with Quick Beam Energy, a solar design and installation company located in Winter Haven; plus a long-time Sustainable Living Show friend, John Gambil, with Hotwire Enterprises, a boat, RV, and home solar electric system dealer.

Some of the main points of discussion were the long-term positive investment in solar, the new low price of modules and systems, feed-in tariffs, net metering, PACE financing program, and much more.

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