Pam Bondi Pursues Health Care Reform Lawsuit

11/02/10 Kimberly Vlach
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Republican nominee for state attorney general Pam Bondi says it’s important to continue with the multi-state lawsuit against the federal health care reform law passed last March.

In the last push of her 11-month campaign, Pam Bondi looked full of energy and optimism. Surrounded by supporters, friends and family, including her parents, sister and nephew, all were waving Pam Bondi signs. Despite the pouring rain, Bondi still talked to me about Florida’s lead in the lawsuit, calling the Affordable Care Act “unconstitutional.”

"As your Attorney General, my job is to enforce the law. And I firmly believe this mandate is unconstitutional," she said.

She says the economic impact will be severe because the law’s requirements would drive millions of people into Medicaid.

"It will cost the state over a billion dollars in deficit knowing that in Florida we have to have a balanced budget...the federal government is trying to force us to purchase a product simply by being alive...and if we don’t purchase that product, they will fine or penalize us," Bondi said.

As the state’s unemployment rate hovers near 12% in the state, she recognizes that Floridians are in need of help.

"We do need reform, but this is not the way to do it. We can all agree, as bipartisan, that we need reform, but it needs to be constitutional. This is hurting businesses and families. And we’re always hearing stories of people who are losing their health insurance," Bondi noted.

As we stood on the street corner in front of Bel Mar Presbyterian Church, several cars honked their horns at the supporters waving their signs...not one of them for a democrat. Other than the sign wavers themselves, no one was willing to talk to me – especially if they hadn’t voted for Bondi.

One supporter there was Bondi’s 12-year old nephew, Jay. Even though he’s too young to vote, he still predicted the outcome.

"She’s the best candidate, and she’ll win," he forecasted. When I asked if he was just saying that so he'd get nice Christmas presents, he hesitated before insisting, "Noooooo."

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