Salamander Advocate To Explain Species' Plight on "Talking Animals"

Talking Animals Nov 07 2012 9:00AM - 10:00AM Add to Calendar

My guest on "Talking Animals" Nov. 7 will be Matt Ellerbeck, salamander advocate and conservationist.

According to Ellerbeck—aka The Salamander Man—it turns out an enormous number of salamander species are disappearing from the wild at an alarming rate.

But salamanders’ secretive and reclusive nature has meant their decline has gone somewhat unnoticed and unreported.

Ellerbeck will discuss this situation, as well as efforts toward the recovery and protection of threatened and endangered salamander species.

Matt Ellerbeck will speak with us live on "Talking Animals" on Nov. 7 at 11am, and listeners are invited to participate in the conversation by calling (813-239-9663) or e-mailing (




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